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The NRHA Reiner magazine reported on the results of the 2013 NRHA Derby in it’s August 2013 edition. Below are excerpts from the article about Mobster:

“Riding the third of three horses he’d qualified for the finals, Larson, an NRHA Professional, put on a show aboard the stallion HF Mobster (Gunner x Dun Its Black Gold), a 5-year-old paternal half-brother to Americasnextgunmodel, the 2012 NRHA Futurity Open Champion. It was a breathtaking performance by “Mobster,” who left everything he had in the area, including a shoe he threw in the final run-down. As the buckskin horse limped out of the arena, Larson’s elation at capturing the lead with a 228.5 score was tempered by concern for the welfare of his mount.

I thought I’d go out and get the biggest check I could. Casey had a great ride. I am just fortunate to have had this run,” he said, begging off further interview questions as he hastened to find a veterinarian. (As luck would have it, the injury would prove neither grave nor lasting). HF Mobster’s take for the day was $60,000, which included a $3,000 payment to nominator Rhodes River Ranch…”

“…Jordan Larson’s win aboard Mobster was a sweet victory for Heritage Ranch of Ogden, Utah. Owner Andy Fishburn runs the all-around Quarter Horse training facility and often employs Larson to show his reining horses. It was Larson who recommended that Fishburn add “Mobster” to the Heritage Ranch string. “I’ve been with Jordan for about nine years, and I trust him. When he called me with the chance to buy this horse, I knew it was the right decision. Success (Mobster’s) is all due to Jordan and his wife—I just pay the bills!” Said Fishburn.

Larson’s association with the buckskin dates back several turns of the calendar. HF Mobster was previously known as CFR Joyero Gunner and was owned by Claudio Ramon, whose family owns Rancho El Fortin. Prior to the 2011 NRHA Futurity, Larson got a call from Claudio urging him to come down to his ranch him in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico, to take a look at a pair of NRHA Futurity prospects. Larson was skeptical that there were two horses in Mexico capable of earning Futurity finals’ berths. Moreover, he had already picked three horses for the Futurity that he felt he could show. But he made the trip anyway … and promptly put the two horses in his string. Joyero (now Mobster), would go on to become an NRHA Futurity finalist in 2011, and of course, the Derby winner two years later.”

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