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There’s nothing quite as exciting as owning your first horse. But with great fun comes great responsibility. Horses are large, complicated animals that require daily care and a lot of knowledge. Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Horses need daily care to stay healthy, including access to clean water, food, and turnout someplace safe with shelter. They also need regular vet care, farrier visits, grooming, and exercise (read as $$). Some tasks need to happen daily, others happen weekly, monthly, yearly, or even seasonally. There are so many areas to learn about, including safety and nutrition, so don’t be afraid to ask questions to keep on top of your learning.

There are lots of options for where to keep your horse and many different levels of care. Options range from keeping a horse on your property to self-care somewhere else to boarding to training board.

Keeping your horse at home
This is a great option if you own land and can afford to fence in a pasture and build a loafing shed or small barn (a couple of stalls plus a feed room and tack room) look at the equestrian construction Staffordshire for more info.

Many boarding facilities offer a self-care option, where they provide the field or stalls and you do ALL (and I mean all) of the care, from twice-daily feeding to mucking and turnout.
If you can’t make it out every day (or twice a day), boarding is a great option. Some options just include the care (feeding, turnout, and stall cleaning), while others also provide feed and hay. Prices will vary accordingly (options where you provide feed and hay are usually cheaper).

Pictures of some of HF Mobster’s 2014 foals! His foals definitely display plenty of style and lots of color. We can’t wait until next year’s foal crop!